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Everybody, regardless of denominational background, is welcome to become a member of the Society, to join us in our Services and to participate in the Spiritual Exercises. Becoming a member will allow you to get information about upcoming events, submit prayer intentions at the Society Mass, request the service of Masses of Special Intention, participate in our annual retreats and pilgrimages and recieve out regular newsletter. We are keen to be an active community, and to support one another.

All members are added to the Liber Vitae of the Society, and will be prayed for at the Bidding at Mass.


Membership is completely free, as are requests for Masses of Special Intention and Prayer Requests.


For those who are interested in joining Western Rite Orthodoxy, or who are already Orthodox, the option to become a Brother or Sister of the Society is available. This is open to all catechumens and baptised members of the Orthodox Church. The society seeks to provide a sacramental life, spiritual home and direction for the diaspora of Western Rite Orthodox Christians in the United Kingdom. The Brothers and Sisters of the Society are able to receive Communion according to the Use of Sarum at our monthly Society Mass.

If you are considering becoming a Member of the Society, please use the form below to sign up. You can also sign up and make a profile on this website, which will give you access to the forum, by clicking on the icon on the top right hand corner. We look forward to hearing from you!


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